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A new single by Rod Yanez featuring Marishka –

Rod Yanez, the prestigious argentinian DJ, called vocalist extraordinaire Marishka to provide his deep house track a soothing feeling with an amazing performance.  The result is an interesting soothing track that can be played at chill- out sessions and pre-dance club mixes.

The track was picked up by US based Neworld Records and will be released on July 31st exclusively on BeatPort. On June 14th it will also be available on iTunes, Rdio, Spotify, Amazon and other online retailers. This is Rod Yanez first release as an artist after decades of being a well recognized DJ for Grupo Sarapura , a DJ Collective he founded a decade ago.

“The track has a catchy feel to it that was crucial to get some airplay on some local dance stations in Buenos Aires “, says Yanez from his Buenos Aires studio. The single has already been played on Metro 95.1, Radio Blue 100.7 & online radio Press reviews on Buenos Aires major newspapers will soon hit the newsstands announcing the release of this single worldwide.

Zombie es el primer single lanzado por Rod Yanez en:

COMPRA: BeatPort | iTunes | Amazon

STREAM: Rdio |  Spotify 



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