Sanni Interviewed by Harian Metro Newspaper in Malaysia

Sanni’s dreams have always been  to play with his guitar heroes from Japan (U.S.) in a concert. The One People Asia Tour will make this dream  a reality.

Taking inspiration from an idea that came from  Malaysia’s Prime Minister , Sanni wanted to honor the name of his home country’s music arena as well as expose the beautiful malay culture to the world.

Sanni's Interview on the Harian Metro

Sanni’s Interview on the Harian Metro

He began his career in the 80’s with the band Jessica and he has come up with the album he titled One People. He plans to hold  a Malaysia Tour as the  first tour to expose this music to everyone in his country.

“Cultural Integration Program named Festival will kick off at Simpang Renggam on 19 November, followed by 24 to Batu Pahat and Muar December 4 from 19 December to 1 January.

“We are very grateful for the support of the local district council and for the programs organized by One People Management.

“The shows will feature  Malay, Chinese and Indian music.

Admission is free and the public is  invited to attend. Actually my goal is to open the show to show corporate entities a way to contribute funds to my project” he said.

Sanni added, other artists and groups involved are abot FTG. He also featured a variety of artists including appropriate Ramp Bandi festival held at  the location.

“I chose them because the artist did not want to take too commercial. Not to mention the budget allocated is not too large. But we will give an opportunity to all new artists, particularly artists to participate. This is a platform for them to meet the fans.

“In each location, we will show no more than five artists. Chinese and Indian artists in a performance venue also given the opportunity to make a presentation. We want to show that there is diversity in music in our country, “he said, never gain experience playing music abroad.

He told us about his dream to play in One People Asia Tour. Sanni said the goal is not to seek popularity or money. On the other hand wants to prove the ability of Malaysian musicians  abroad.

“My plan is to play  with Kyoji Yamamoto, a member of the group Bow Wow and Marty Friedman, former Megadeth guitarist. We will meet to perform in Singapore, Thailand, Jakarta, Philippines (not yet confirmed), China, Korea, Japan and after that will be planned mega concert in Kuala Lumpur.

“We expect this project will start in June next year. Not just for show, but we will also set up a fund for charity work. In each location our concerts will also invite the original singer of the country to participate.

“These large projects require strong financial support. grateful-start is already there to help. Interestingly production team, technical and sound system for the concert brought from Malaysia. We make sure it is high quality.If Kyoji and Marty want to add more quality, they can do so.

“Actually, they both can play with anybody they want, but it makes me very proud that they chose me.

“To be in the company of guitarist superstars is not easy. I have  known Kyoji but he is not a close friend”,

Sanni aims want to deliver a good message to the fans through his music.

Club del Disco reviews “Entre Otros” – New Album by Dario Jalfin

Club del Disco from Argentina just released a review of Dario Jalfin‘s latest album :

This is Jalfin’s third release and it shows another more  poetic and orchestral perspective of the artist. The result is a fine treatment for songs in chamber music format, with selected musical guests.
The pianist and composer Dario Jalfin recorded his new album, among others, with a clear and risky concept. His songs composed on piano, arranged for a small group of flute, clarinet and cello and  on some tracks he added accompaniment  with a bombo legüero.

The academic background of the author and producer is also highlighted in the careful structuring and completion of the work: he wrote absolutely eeverything and still sounds like a really organic alabum, with beautiful and deep undertones. It is a an ambitious proposal where risk is very well supported by two pillars:  the compositions, which are good and growing in this context, and the interpreters (in charge of playing and recording his arrangements), which are really a local dream team: Ramiro Flores, Paula and Juan Pablo Di Pomeraniec Leone. And it has a great weight, a sound that moves away from the standars of the song, and while it sounds very acoustic (there is not a single electric instrument or digital aggregates) it is a wide-ranging album, spatious with great management of  silent and eloquent timbres. We need to note the excellent work of the engineer in charge of recording and mixing: Ezekiel Kronenberg, convened specifically for his “ambient” style of work. All songs are Jalfin’s own except for an excellent version of “A Starosta, el idiota” from  Spinetta on which  Darios’s voice brings a fair and accurate presence.

The big difference with the earlier work of this restless artist is mainly to have found a new option accompaniment for these songs, and  he makes it work with quality and warmth. The songs are not covered by a halo of intellectual virtuosity or gloating, in spite of the complex approach that is presented with  a very attractive simplicity. Subtle and very personal, the album is something different in Jalfin’s body of work. A work that might take time to be processed and understood throughout as a whole, but that already contains and impressive level of maturity.

Original Review in Spanish :