Mariel Martinez in El Mundo

This article appeared today in El Mundo, Spain’s most prestigious newspaper. We are proud of Mariel and her trio, that keep representing argentinean music in the world.

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See mariel martinez in el mundo – TRANSLATION: Mariel Martinez in El Mundo

As on many occasions, at an early age without knowing the spark ignites. In this story, the fault was a professor of plastic in Argentina. Aliñaba their classes to the rhythm of tango with a radio station in which rang incessantly. And there she was, serving as a pupil while the tango was heavy increasingly. Since then, Mariel Martinez has not sung else.

The Compac Gran Via in Madrid tetro hosts on 9, 16 and 23 January the show ‘Buenos Aires … when away saw me’. Mariel Martinez and the band La Porteña Tango Cold presented their fifth album in which they propose a young, current and truthful tango.

“Tango is a sad thought that is danced”, so defined the Argentine playwright Enrique Santos Discépolo. To Mariel Martinez “it is a feeling, a language and a language”. That music accompanied by dance that was born of the interaction between cultures mystifies those trying to put a date and history. Even ‘tango’ has a definite etymology. “It is dance, music and poetry,” says Mariel Martinez, “And that poetry is the most important part for me.”

The great lyricists of tango, were poets, journalists, writers and sociologists, “and had a way of talking divine”. Your tangos were not welcome in the literary field, but persisted in time “and let us songs that are pure poetry” says excited, as if I was to be the apple of kinds of plastic.

Outside topics

The show has a couple different every night dancers to color Mariel’s voice through the classic tangos that make up his latest album. “We’re like a family. When we got to the stage we want the public to have fun, laugh and enjoy,” he says.

The title is tricky. ‘Buenos Aires … when away saw me’ were the first words that Argentine heard when it appeared that invention called cinema. The first sentence of the first sound film for them. And under this looking away with the topics of the tango.

“We like to be honest. Not want to be commercial. We do not sing the same songs ever. That would be the easy way”. Mariel and Porteña Tango Trio want people to forget ‘Por una cabeza’ Gardel, yes, that song with which a blind Al Pacino dazzled a young woman in a restaurant in ‘Scent of a Woman’. “We believe that gender has to grow and move forward. If we dedicated ourselves to always repeat the same tangos, we would be digging our own grave.”

Mariel Martinez may not be well known in Spain, but tell that to someone in Argentina. Nominated for Gardel Awards (Major award from the music Argentina) in 2014, she and her band have toured tango after tango, Russia, Portugal, Ukraine, Belarus, Italy and the Czech Republic. “Maybe people in those countries do not understand what we sing, but the feeling. Even in Russia have Russian tangos”.

With this spectacle, Mariel Martinez and his band formed by guitarist Alejandro Picciano, pianist Federico Matías Peuvrel and bandoneon player Picciano seek to bring new tangos to the Spanish public. That genre that disappeared for a few seconds in Argentina when the rock looked out. But do away with the tango? impossible. “Still alive. There are young replaying the bandeneón. Youth is full with tango”. If not traveling on the streets of Madrid sauteed buskers do not stop playing, and again, the song of Gardel.

Mariel Martinez finishes her first Eastern European Tour

Today Mariel Martinez finishes her first East Europe Tour.  During the last two weeks she and her Portena Tango Trio has been traveling russia, sharing their tango versions of timeless classics. Along with the talented singer  Alejandro Picciano on guitar, Federico Peuvrel on piano and Fernando Giardini on bandoneon will perform material from the three albums realased digitally by Neworld Records & Melopea from Argentina.

They have played in theathers in Murmansk, Kiev, Minsk, Kaliningrad, Rostov na Donu,Krasnodar,Esentuki, Sochi,  Lipetsk, Arkhangelsk, Naryan-Mar.


The performance from tonite marks the end of this extensive tour though Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.