Omnivox’s Self Titles Full Length Album is out.

Today marks the release of Omnivox’s self titled album release. This trio from Orlando has been performing together for over a decade-
BIO : 

In dark corners to escape Florida’s hot summer sky, Mateen, Aaron and Cameron would gather in a safe haven to explore musical landscapes that would lead to the creation of their own unique sound in years to come. A musical partnership and friendship that has lasted over ten years, Omnivox is the long awaited entity that encapsulates the years spent together studying genres from Jazz to Flamenco; Classical to Rock. Members from Omnivox, having already opened up for the Bad  Plus and written music that was featured on the Billboard Music Awards, were anxiously awaiting a time when they could let their creative vision be met: without limits or subduing to linear structure. The Omnivox debut LP represents a time in which these three artists were able to let go of musical constraints and truly make the music they heard in their heads.  

Omnivox by Omnivox

Omnivox by Omnivox

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