Bulgara releases self titled album

Stream the single “It’s not the way” on YouTube.

Today marks the release of Bulgara’s  self titled album release. This quintet from Buenos Aires, Argentina has tons of talent to be spoken of.been Some of the members have performing together for over a decade as session musicians in different jazz and pop groups. In 2011 they got together to create a unique blend of pop, rock and everything else in between in both english and spanish – Listen to the first single: “It’s not the way” on YouTube.

The new album has just come out today on Neworld Records  – You may find it on :

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The subtle chords pump out of the electric keys by Ramiro Flores, then you hear the dissonant yet distinct and compelling lines by  guitar virtuoso Patricio Carpossi. The beat steady and precise handled by Lulo Isod syncs perfectly with the solid bass lines of Hernan Segret. After all of that settles in, you hear the perfectly tuned angel voice of Nina Polverino. You can’t believe your ears. This is Bulgara.

An eclectic jazz pop quintet that explores the song format to the edges. In 2012 the recorded the self titled album that our label is proudly releasing today. Dont miss your chance to experience the sonic bliss of Bulgara.

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