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Our mission is to release a vast amount of music that has its own heart. Thousands of passionate artists struggle in this demanding, multi-cultural world. Originally founded in 2003 in Miami, Neworld Music has expanded to a network of artists from Latin America, Spain and the USA.

How we Formed

Neworld Records was formed as a division of Neworld Music at the beginning of 2007 to help the most talented Latin artists reach the broad music market in the U.S. Our goal is to bring to the general public high quality music. We believe there is a gap to be filled and we are working to put out more meaningful music and bring high quality artists to the United States.

Our Future

We want to continue to help hundreds of artists release their music into the world - Our artists keep 100% of the sales and streaming income so they can do more music like the one you love.

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All AboutThe ArtistsWe Represent

Silvio Gazquez

Formed in

1 Albums

Silvio Vazquez is a guitar player and composer from Lincoln, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 2008 he has been working as a full-time guitar consultant for an U.S based company called Silvio shot an instructional DVD for Guitar Control. The DVD is available by clicking here. He has won several youtube contests. In 2008 and 2009, Silvio also was a two times Guitar idol finalist, attending to the final in…

Analia Robledo

Formed in 2008

1 Albums

Analia Robledo is Folk Singer from Argentina. Her first album is titled Amanece.

Anahi Arias

Formed in 2014

1 Albums

Anahi Arias [caption id="attachment_413" align="alignnone" width="960"] Anahi Arias[/caption]


Formed in Formed in 2010

2 Albums

Bulgara is an amazing band form Argentina. Some of Argentina's top players play here

Maycown Reichembach

Formed in 2007

1 Albums

Fernando Pareta

Formed in 2010

1 Albums


Formed in 2003

2 Albums

1 In 2001 Gervasio Goris was 26 years old. He had graduated from college and opened a recording studio in his old parent’s house, in Buenos Aires Argentina. During the recording of his band’s fourth album, a huge political crisis hit the fan. ” I remember watching the social unrest on TV, just a few miles from the recording studio while doing the solos for Scherzo’s song Hoy es el fin”,…
"We really enjoyed watching them play. Amazing Gig!"
Jordan Rudess

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"Awesome company, they organized everything for us. Highly rated!"
Jim Smith

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